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2+ Billion Users on Facebook!

Get the most of your Facebook presence with targeted advertising. One of the top 3 websites on the internet, Facebook is a key platform for reaching your ideal customers. Directly connected with your Facebook page, Facebook ads let you target hyper-specific audience demographics via their Facebook timelines & Instagram feeds 


  • Target users based on their behavior, location, interests, and demographics
  • Appear on both Facebook & Instagram newsfeeds
  • A dedicated account manager to communicate with you and manage your PPC campaign day-by-day
  • Monthly Reporting

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  1. Where will my ads be shown?
    Your ads will be shown on the newsfeeds of Facebook and Instagram users that are within the audience you want to target
  2. Do I need a Facebook page if I want to run Facebook ads?
    Yes, a Facebook page is necessary to run ads on Facebook
  3. What will my Facebook ads look like?
    Facebook Ads can be customized to appear in a wide variety of style, both visually and how the viewer interacts with it. Ads can contain a single image, a carousel of images, or videos. They can be set up to drive leads to your website, or can have lead generation forms built into the ad itself
  4. What are the audience targeting options?
    You can target Facebook & Instagram users based on their location, interests, demographic, and behaviour/browsing habits

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