About Us

Our Company Mission

We had a simple idea where in stead of just providing domain hosting, we saw that some people would benefit from purchasing a domain with WordPress already installed. So we created a service to help people with just that, a website hosting service that provides WordPress pre-installed for those that don't really have the knowledge of building a WordPress website. So we created TekkDomains to help people with their online presence so people can focus on their business. 

Our Values

Pricing reflects the value of our people.

Quality people will drive quality products and service.

Amazing customer and employee experiences are paramount.

Business is personal – we treat others the way we would like to be treated.

A diverse and globally distributed team enables us to recruit top talent, and serve our customers better.

Our work is only one part of a full life, and we support our team in pursuing other interests, family, and travel.

We're all leaders to perform our individual work with authority to execute our goals, and take ownership & accountability for all efforts.

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